Introductions are really not my thing.

I am usually terrible when it comes to introducing myself or any subject I intend to talk about. In most cases I’m all too happy to let someone take the load off my shoulders and just take the stage, to the extent that I almost would not care if they introduced me as a chainsaw-wielding, home-wrecking sociopath, as long as they said something. Anything.

It’s even worse when I want to introduce a project I’m working on. As a writer, people ask me, “Hey, Zen, what’s your book about?” and I just freeze. Yes, it’s my book; yes, of course I’m the one who wrote it, but please do not ask me about it. For your sake and mine, I think we’d both be better off if you just read the synopsis inscribed on the back of the book.

Unfortunately, however, I cannot do that with Cedaria. It’s not a tangible thing, there is no back cover! The first time I had to introduce the game to a large crowd of gamers*, I panicked. I was shaking, shredding a tissue paper between my fingers, my coworker had to practically take my hand and lead me to the stage. For a moment my mind was completely blank and I forgot what I was there to talk about; I was mostly thinking, “Oh my god they are going to abhor me.  They probably think I have no idea what I’m doing. Need to get out. Would they laugh if I bolted to the nearest exit?”

Fortunately, things went pretty smoothly after I managed to form the first few coherent sentences, and hopefully they will go just as smoothly here in the days to come as I introduce you to the video game I have started working on recently. A video game by the name of Cedaria: Blackout, the first ever to combine both Middle Eastern and steampunk elements.

What is it about? Well, for now you will have to settle for the little sneak peak here! 😉

* This is entirely relative. To me, a large crowd comprises 20 people.

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3 thoughts on “Introductions are really not my thing.

  1. Reblogged this on Zen Scribbles and commented:

    Remember that video game I’ve been hinting about in my last couple of blog posts? Well, it is now time for the GRAND REVEAL. Well, almost!
    I’m in charge of the game’s official blog, and I will be providing some sneak peeks and the like until the actual grand reveal, which should be sometime next week. 😉 But until then, feel free to check out the blog! I’d love to hear from you!

  2. Cool!!! I will check it out!

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