The Others.

Have you watched that movie? Don’t you just love that incredible twist at the end? Yeah… no, we’re not going to talk about horror movies now; I have enough horror on my plate now that I’m reading Stephen King’s The Shining. But that’s an entirely different story and you probably have no interest in the nightmares this book has been giving me. No, you’re probably interested more in learning about the different clans we have in our game.

From left to right: two Thunes, two Ozars, two Kythiens and two Vaytori.

From left to right: two Thunes, two Ozars, two Kythiens and two Vaytori.

For Cedaria, we decided to step out of the box and create clans (or races) different from your typical fantasy races, and went with the Vaytori, Kythiens, Thunes and Ozars. We could’ve avoided the trouble and went with just humans or something, but having different groups allowed us to highlight more issues and present them more strongly than we would’ve been able to otherwise.  Plus, it enabled us to incorporate the concept of acceptance of the “others”. See what I did there? 😉

Uhm. Anyway. *clears throat*

You have your Vaytori, who came to the island first and thus believe they are more entitled to live on it than any of the other clans, and would’ve industrialized the entire island had it not been for the Kythiens, who care about the environment and prefer a more traditional way of living. Then you have the Thunes, who want to dominate the island’s resources, and the marginalized Ozar refugees who escaped their homeland hoping to find a better life, only to be met with rejection on the island.

We tried to make them look as humanoid as possible, while including some subtle differences that set them apart from each other; we’d be lying if we said that we didn’t use the traditional fantasy races as inspiration, but we tried our best to make them our own. Our Ozar don’t look half as bad as orcs, for example, and they’re much, much more peaceful.

The typical Ozar male and female.

The typical Ozar male and female.

We still don’t have the full-colour versions of the clans, but the close-ups of their faces should give you an idea of how they’re supposed to look like. For Kythiens, we decided to opt out of pointy ears; much to our amusement, they reminded us all of Spock!

The Kythien male and female.

The Kythien male and female.

Of course, you’ve already seen enough of the Vaytori – in the form of Josephine, Silas, Quentin and Edwin – so that leaves the Thunes. They look pretty normal until you stand next to them and notice the top of their head barely scraps your waist.

Thunes 1

The Thune male and female.

For more information on each clan, do visit our Kickstarter page, and while you’re there, maybe you could back us too?* 😀

Note to self: Zen, please try to be more subtle from now on.

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