Towards the end of the 19th century, the island of Cedaria, once a mere pit stop for travelers and traders, became a worldwide destination following the industrial boom that accompanied the birth of an ingenious machine called the Phoenix, a beacon that powered up the island’s many venues and industries, attracted many artisans and resources from all over the world and paved the way to advancement and prosperity. However, the desire to dominate the island’s new found wealth soon gave rise to trouble – bonds between the different clans shattered, fights ensued, skirmishes broke out around every corner – and threatened to collapse the very foundations of the island… then the unthinkable happened.

The Phoenix broke down.

The reasons behind the defeat of what was believed to be an invincible machine remained a mystery, not even its creator knew what caused crucial pieces of its anatomy to vanish without a trace. With no apparent way of piecing the Phoenix back together, Cedaria plunged into a stifling darkness, penetrated only by the few primitive generators scattered around the island. The demand for inventors and engineers became high as different fractions of the population scrambled to seize and monopolize as many natural power sources as they could before anyone else. However, the island’s fall from grace spared no-one; creatures of the shadows became emboldened by the darkness, attacking, pillaging and terrorizing, traders and entrepreneurs shied away from the deteriorating economy, and travelers avoided the precarious territory like the plague.

Into the chaos stepped a wayfarer, returning home to unite with their family after a long time spent overseas. Coming back to a childhood home now in shambles was not part of their agenda, but news of the island’s plight only reached them when it was too late. They soon found themselves trapped, their vehicle lacking the fuel needed to make the journey back to the mainland. Now a “prisoner” on Cedaria, the vagabond needs to make the best of the situation and decide: should they join everyone in their mad dash for power, or try to find a solution to end everyone’s troubles?


2 thoughts on “Story

  1. Sound quite interesting. What kind of game is Cedaria? Is it point and click adventure? RTS? MMO? RPG? Additionally, upon release, will it be available to be purchased online only (if so, will it be available through Steam?), or is it going to be available for purchase at retailers? (Sorry for all the questions – quite intrigued by what I have seen thus far!) 😀

    • Hi there, Derek! I’m glad it caught your attention. Buuut… I can’t reveal anything just yet. Everything should be announced pretty soon though! 😉

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